Shipping Policy

This section is to illustrate the modes of transferring the parcels and a few number of rare cases that might occur along with the ways to handle them all.

We support FedEx and Airmail shipping. The FedEx shipping requires about a week for the delivery and the Airmail shipping takes about twice as much time the FedEx mode takes. The FedEx shipping is costlier than Airmail. The price is added while the buyer checks out and is about to make a payment.

If after waiting for a few weeks, if you don't get your package you must check with your nearest post office for its arrival. They keep the parcel for a few days so that someone comes and claims for the ownership. When nobody claims they re-send the package back to us. This is the reason why we always insist our buyers on ensuring that someone is always present at their homes to collect the products.

Some countries have really strict import policies. It is impossible for us to check for every country's norms. We request you to go through your country's import policies so as to avoid further complications. Other than such rare case, we export the products to nearly all the countries. We do not transmit the packages on public holidays and weekends. For those who make a payment on these days, their dispatch would be carried the next business day. If you want that your products' dispatch should be made the same day you must buy the products before 11 am. After that all the dispatches are done next working day only.

Your local post office might collect some amount of money like import taxes and/or other fee, that you might not have idea about. Our shipping charges don't include in that. The online payment for the shipping part being done by you involves just the transmitting of the package from our country to your country. If you don't pay extra as per your local state's customs they might not give you your parcel. Your refusal of paying money and not getting the products on time due to it, is entirely on you and thus we won't be held responsible for any of the cases.

Some situations are sudden and beyond our practical control. These could be earthquake, tsunami, flood, drought, riots, wars, curfews, etc. Such situation will affect our services and so you might not get your package either on time or not at all. If the condition doesn't subside we will return back your full money.

You may contact us in any time if you still have any doubt.