Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is our priority. Accordingly, we are presenting this policy draft for you to understand what information is being collected, why, and how it is collected, etc. We will go through it one by one.

In these policies, Yourherbmix will be interpreted as “we”, “us”, “the site”, “the website” or “”, yet all are same. It is obligatory for each and every customer to accept the terms to use/purchase from the site. Those who are not interested in that may discontinue the usage. Yourherbmix demands you to understand this section well until you understand everything.

Information Collection Standard

We Collect information of different type from you, for instance, Some information is collected directly from you and some are collected automatically.

We collect:

  •  Your name
  •  Postal/Email Address
  •  Contact number
  •  Credit card details
  •  IP

The basic data name, address and contact number are collected while a visitor registers an account, OR right before placing an order. These data ensures proper services, especially for package delivery. At the same time, Credit Card, details are taken only after the check out when the rest of the order placement procedures are done. Card details are stored for a brief period only and they are in encrypted form secured with SSL technology.

Indirect data are those collected automatically following the cookie system. Our cookies collect the IP of a customer. We shall accordingly develop a personalized account for you if you permit us taking your IP address, since you can willingly restrict us by doing settings in your client browser.

Information Usage standard

We use your personal information for,

1. Creating an account so that purchase gets personalised and easy.

2. The parcel distribution process.

2. Proper communication.

4. Reacting to your customer support requests.

5. Remembering you next time you visit the site.

6. Sending you newsletters, rewards, and promotions.

7. To prevent and/or detect fraudulent behaviour.

We use SSL technology to make sure your Credit card details are encrypted and protected. We safeguard all your personal and technical information by not sending, sharing, or distributing with any third party, except they are our delivery associates who would help you get your merchandises on time. Still, we ensure utmost security and restraints from being promulgated.

For those who create an account with us get weekly or monthly emails of newsletters or some kind of new announcements such as specific deals, discounts, combo offers, new products' launch, variation in the price structure, etc. Our users may unsubscribe from getting such emails anytime they wish.

Please contact us in case of more concerns or doubts. We have shared our email/postal address, and contact number on the site itself.