Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to make an account?
A. No, it is not necessary to make an account. Creating an account with us will enable us communicate with you on several stages and events. We can anytime email you regarding the announcements like new price structure, products' launching, deals and discounts, etc. If you want to buy the products, creating an account would enable us know your basic details in advance so that you don't have to fill up again. Entering everything once and for all would be best option.

2. Can I have free samples for the test?
A. We do not supply the free samples for now. If we start distributing them we will let you know in advance via electronic media.

3. Do you have any retail outlets so that I may buy from there?
A. At present you will have to buy the products online only because we haven't started the retail outlets yet. We will definitely convey you regarding this if we anytime begin such shops.

4. Will my private details always be kept safe?
A. We are always determined of keeping our users' data safe. For that we always take utmost measures like SSL technology for the encryption, and our own policy of never sharing or sending the information to anybody. You may see our Privacy Policy to know further.

5. Can I send the products to different location?
A. Yes, you can send the products to any location in the world. You just need to change your address to somebody else's address. The address must be accurate and complete with area code, that is what we always need.

6. What if I never get my products or get incorrect (type, number of) products? What if my products have expired or are in damaged condition?
A. These cases are really rare but might happen to anybody. You must speak to our customer care team immediately and the concerned executive will tell you to follow a certain process. You may read our Shipping Policy for further info.